tattoo care

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when you have a fresh tattoo, please take some time to calm down and relax,

because it was a hard job for your body to get it and to heal the next days. try to drink a lot after the tattoo session, water and tea is perfect. if you have fever or feel bad, you can take Ibuprofen, or cool the tattoo or set the tattooed body region high, its good to go to bed early this day, to recover.

now you have to take care of your wounded skin, please always wash your hands before touching the tattoo.

of course the tattoo is sensitive the next two days, that ’s normal.  the plastic can be removed after some hours or stay for the night, like you prefer. don‘ t wear your favorite clothes, the wound can make spots in it.

after removing the plastic, wash the tattoo with neutral wash lotion and let it dry  in the air. you can do it twice a day the next three days.

after washing and drying you apply a thin cream the tattoo with panthenol or coconut oil. don‘ t skretch, please

you can put another plastic on the tattoo on the next two following days to safe it, but after the two days not more. if its not under plastic, please keep it safe from dirt, sweat, pets, sun.

don‘ t go to sauna, sports, bath, swimming, solarium and sun for the next two weeks.

in the best case you keep your tattoo see from the direkt sun in the future, it can loose quality and can trigger allergies. mainly i use eternal colors.